About me

avatarI'm a Slovenian illustrator from Maribor, born March 14th 1988. I started working at a very early age and got my first commissions when I was just 16 from my teachers at school for their text books, websites and other media. Later I enrolled in the University of Maribor to become an art teacher where I graduated in 2014. I wrote my thesis on 20th century illustration and digital illustrating. While a student I also worked on commissions for different companies and groups, doing illustration, logo design, t-shirt design and poster art. I also briefly worked as a substitute art teacher on the Middle school for Design in Maribor, teaching drawing, art and art history. I lead multiple workshops for children and young people around the country from how to draw comics to painting and illustrating. I've worked as a designer, teacher, illustrator, public relations manager, organizer and coordinator.


Finding inspiration in the weirdest places

It’a been a while since I’ve actually written this and was basically contemplating not posting this because the post is kind of weird and only semi related to my other ...
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Are good video game graphics important?

The importance of graphics in video games is debatable. Some may consider them not important at all, some say they are secondary and some say they are what caries video ...
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My favorite Drew Struzan movie posters

Drew Struzan Drew Struzan is one of the the biggest names in Hollywood. He’s not an actor though, he’s an illustrator and painter. His poster art is regarded as some ...
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Free sketching apps for android

I’ve recently acquired a new tablet computer. To be honest when I bought it, using it for sketching and designing wasn’t my first thought. It’s not a powerful tablet as ...
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Front-end web development

HTML5, Bootstrap, Flex, CSS and Javascript programing, CMS administration, Dreamweaver,  SEO optimization etc.

Graphic design

Posters, flyers, business cards, ads, publications, promotional material, etc. I am versed in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign and also offer courses on basic use of the programs.


Illustration in a digital medium that can either be used in print or a digital format. By request I also provide prints. I specialise in caricatures, comics and character design.

Some clients