Adobe Illustrator – shadowing

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How I shade in adobe Illustrator isn’t as straight forward as in Photoshop. In Photoshop you grab a brush, or the burn tool and your mostly set to go. In Illustrator you first need your lineart vectorized and colored. I’ve covered this in my how to draw lineart in Illustrator, live trace and coloring in […]


Adobe Illustrator – coloring

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This is my coloring process in adobe illustrator. If you made your lineart like in this tutorial or traced it like in this tutorial you can just pick up from there and color your lineart according to these guidelines.   Expanding a traced image If you traced your image you first need to expand it. […]


Adobe Illustrator – Live trace

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This is a quickie tutorial about how to use the trace tool. This is based on my knowledge and I was never able to figure out some of the presets so some info may be lacking but for the most part this is a fairly simple thing to do in illustrator so I’m sure you […]


Adobe illustrator – Seamless pattern

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Creating a seamless pattern in Adobe Illustrator couldn’t be easier since Illustrator CS6. Illustrator has a built in option for creating patterns without having to meticulously plan and cut the image. Since it’s the holidays let’s make a Christmas pattern. I drew my images on a piece of paper by hand and placed (file/place) the […]


Custom handwriting font

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Creating your own custom handwriting font isn’t really as hard as one might think. All you need is a piece of paper, Adobe Illustrator and Glyphs. Glyphs, is a program that allows you to design fonts either from scratch or copy your designs from Illustrator. You can either pay the license or use the demo […]

Finished zipper brush

Adobe Illustrator – Pattern brush

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The brush is a VERY powerful tool in Adobe Illustrator. In this article I’ll show you how to use the pattern brush to your advantage. Creating chains, ropes and other strokes by hand is tedious and time consuming. That’s where the pattern brush comes in to play. It can be used for simple patterned lines […]


Creating retro stamp/letterpress effect

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Retro looking lettering and a letterpress effect is in fashion these days. Lettering or lines that look like they were stamped on to the surface and some of the ink didn’t rub of the stamp or press in certain places is one of the looks people are going for. But how do you emulate that in […]

Finished lineart

Easy lineart in Adobe Illustrator

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Creating lineart in Adobe Illustrator is fairly easy but can be intimidating for someone that is not familiar with the environment. I know I stuck with Photoshop for years because I was intimidated by the pen tool. I didn’t know how to use it properly but that changed after I started using Illustrator more frequently. […]