Hy! My name is Vikor. I'm an illustrator and designer from Maribor, the second biggest city in Slovenia, but still quite a small town all things considered. I design posters, fliers, publications, adds, website and app visuals, etc.

I loved to draw ever since I can remember. As a kid I had tons of notebooks dedicated specifically for drawing. I've always been more of a pencil and color pencil person. I never had interest in any other drawing techniques. That is until I discovered MS paint. You may laugh now but that was my entry point in to digital illustration. I made my first digital illustrations, characters and designs in MS paint (actually GeoPaint on a Commodore 64) . I even made animations that I pasted together from sprites I drew in the program.

Later in gymnasium I discovered the world of Adobe and bought my first graphic tablet. That opened a whole load of possibilities and options and I sort of decided that digital illustration is what I wanted to focus on. But I'm not just an illustrator. I'm an animator, illustrator, graphic designer, front end web developer and GUI designer.

Because I wanted to focus on my passion of drawing I enrolled to become an art teacher. I got my degree in 2014 but worked for clients ever since gymnasium. I'm always eager to learn and have taken part in workshops and courses all over the country and even abroad. I also lead some courses on comic books, digital illustration, Adobe, and more.

I've been a scout since I was 10 years old. While not active as a troop leader anymore I still help my old troop in Maribor with their projects. I learned a lot from the scouts and not just survival skills. They taught me teamwork, self reliance, how to best use my talents and furthered me in to my illustration and design career.