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Negative space logos

Negative space logos are my favourite type of logo. I’ve been trying my hand at them for a while now and while searching for inspiration on other blogs and videos I’ve gathered a few that I like the best. Negative ...
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99designs sucks

Let’s not beat around the bush, 99designs sucks for clients, designers and illustrators. I’ve been registered on 99designs for a few years but never really participated in anything until recently. My thinking was that it can’t really be ALL bad ...
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Are good video game graphics important?

The importance of graphics in video games is debatable. Some may consider them not important at all, some say they are secondary and some say they are what caries video games. If the story is good and gameplay is good, ...
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Logo design

Designing a Logo is not really as easy as it may seem. Before I even start I can’t stress enough how many people don’t know the difference between a logomark and logotype. A logomark is a mark or symbol that ...
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Minimalism in design

The trend The trend that seem to strongly persist in design fields the past few years is a minimalist and clean approach or what I like to call the Apple trend. Apple are among the most recognizable companies that produce ...
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Preparing documents for print

Preparing a document for print before sending in your designs can save you a lot of money, time and work in the long run. So in this article we’ll take a look at what you have to do to prepare ...
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Is comic sans really a bad font?

Is Comic Sans really a bad font? That’s what most designers think anyway. My opinion is a bit mixed. Comic sans History Let’s take a look when Comic Sans came about. In 1995 Microsoft launched one of its biggest failures ...
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Poster design

If you are a somewhat competent artist, designing a good poster really comes down just to the idea. There are some set rules to follow when designing a poster but most of them are the same basic set of rules ...
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Curriculum vitae design

This post is aimed directly at creating a CV for a designer. If you are not a designer, this post maybe is not for you. The point of a CV is to get all your personal information across, while also ...
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Creative business card design

Good creative business card Last time I was writing about good business card design and stated that a creative idea can go a long way and make the customer remember you more. To be more specific I used this card ...
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Business card design

A business card may be an old trope but business schools still teach the students how to properly hand over a business card. Heck, I didn’t know there were set rules about how to hand over a card until a ...
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