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Adobe Illustrator – shadowing

How I shade in adobe Illustrator isn’t as straight forward as in Photoshop. In Photoshop you grab a brush, or the burn tool and your mostly set to go. In Illustrator you first need your lineart vectorized and colored. I’ve ...
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Adobe Illustrator – coloring

This is my coloring process in adobe illustrator. If you made your lineart like in this tutorial or traced it like in this tutorial you can just pick up from there and color your lineart according to these guidelines. Expanding ...
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Adobe Illustrator – Live trace

This is a quickie tutorial about how to use the trace tool. This is based on my knowledge and I was never able to figure out some of the presets so some info may be lacking but for the most ...
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Adobe illustrator – Seamless pattern

Creating a seamless pattern in Adobe Illustrator couldn’t be easier since Illustrator CS6. Illustrator has a built in option for creating patterns without having to meticulously plan and cut the image. Since it’s the holidays let’s make a Christmas pattern ...
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Bottle mockup

Making a bottle mockup in Photoshop is something that can either be very simple or a real nightmare. It all depends on the shape of the bottle and the sticker you are trying to put on it. Setting up the ...
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Cutting out people in Photoshop

Cutting out or singling out something in Photoshop can be a tedious task for a beginner. Detailed images are especially a pain. Things like fine hair or branches present a challenge. In this tutorial I’ll show you a couple of ...
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Logo burnt into wood

Making a logo, text or other images appear burnt in to wood is pretty straightforward with Photoshop. We will mostly be using layer blending options so there will be no intricate layer arrangements and complicated filters, etc. YAY :)! Choose ...
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T-shirt mockup

Making a T-shirt mockup may seem difficult but in reality it’s easier than most mock up jobs. Get the T-shirt image ready First we need photo of a T-shirt. This is basically the hardest part because we need a photo ...
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Adobe Photoshop – Business card mockup

Let’s make a business card mockup. As a designer you have a clear understanding on how a product design will look when finished but a client may not. That’s why it’s imperative to mock up objects so the client has ...
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Adobe Flash – animating with onion skin

Now let’s get to the guts of animating :). To make the tutorial more clear we are going to be animating something simple. Let’s animate a simple hand punching. Click on the button below to see the example. We start ...
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Adobe Flash – Keeping things organized

Ok… Keeping things organized in Flash is essential because if you are making a complicated animation you need to keep things easy to maintain. This is a simple example. It doesn’t contain a lot of frames or animation but to ...
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Adobe Flash – making and programming buttons.

Let’s make a button :). Up to his point all our animations just started all by themselves and had no option to replay if we scripted them to stop. So let’s make a something that will tell Flash when to ...
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