I joined the Slovenian scouts in 1998 and I loved every second of it. The scouts inspired me to do many things, including encouraging my drawing and design talent. But they also gave me another artistic talent. When I became a scout leader I started to play guitar, so I could enjoy it together with the kids and youths. I discovered I had quite a bit of talent. The scout songbook was my musical bible but after more then 10 years it was a bit… dated. So I jumped at the opportunity to redesign and edit the new edition of the songbook. We redesigned it from scratch. The old InDesign files were barely usable. We also decided not to use stock illustrations anymore so I illustrated the whole thing as well. On the last pages of the book are chord diagrams and instructions how to play guitar. The book came out as paperback and hardcover. You can listen to scout songs on their YouTube channel 😉