St. Martin – Patron of the Styrian New Year

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So today is St. Martins day. Or, as we in Maribor call it, the “Styrian New Year”. Why do we call it that? Well around here, St. Martin is the patron of Wine making. Slovenian Styrians are kind of known for heavy drinking habits. So in Slovenia St. Martin’s day is known as “Martinovo” and is a pseudo national holiday […]

Speed drawing – Legend of Pekerska gorca

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I’ve been doing a lot of illustrations of Slovenian folklore. So… This is a weird one. Near Maribor there is a lonely hill named Pekerska Gorca (Pekre Hill). Pekre is a small settlement near the hill. The hill stands lone in a wide field. The story goes that in the old days the people of […]

99designs sucks

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Let’s not beat around the bush, 99designs sucks for clients, designers and illustrators. I’ve been registered on 99designs for a few years but never really participated in anything until recently. My thinking was that it can’t really be ALL bad if people are actually participating. Soon I felt on my own skin how bad this […]


My favorite Drew Struzan movie posters

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Drew Struzan is one of the the biggest names in Hollywood. He’s not an actor though, he’s an illustrator and painter. His poster art is regarded as some of the best in the world and for good reason. His posters are awesome! Sadly they are not as common these days since digital poster designs have […]


Free sketching apps for android

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I’ve recently acquired a new tablet computer. To be honest when I bought it, using it for sketching and designing wasn’t my first thought. It’s not a powerful tablet as it’s meant to just watch video, surf the web and handle some simple applications. But since it is a 10,1” screen I thought it could […]


Heinz Edelmann

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Starting out Heinz Edelmann was born in 1934 in Czechoslovakia. Between 1953 and 1958 he studied at the art academy in Düsseldorf, where he also worked as a teacher later in his life. Even when he was just 30 years old he was considered one of the most perspective designers in Europe. His career started […]


Craig Thompson – Carnet de Voyage

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Craig Thompson The Christmas rush is over and I’ve finally moved. It’s official… I live in Ljubljana now. Well… At least during the weekdays. During the weekend I’ll still be going home to Maribor. All my friends are still there as well as my girlfriend. So I won’t be staying down in Ljubljana all TOO […]


Božo Kos – Slovenian illustrator

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Božo Kos was one of the greatest Slovenian illustrators. All children know his works from children and youth books as well as from child magazines and posters. He was very prolific in his work and his comic strip Kavboj Pipec in Rdeča pesa – Cowboy Pipec (which means pocket knife) and Red beat, even surpasses […]