My favorite Drew Struzan movie posters

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Drew Struzan is one of the the biggest names in Hollywood. He’s not an actor though, he’s an illustrator and painter. His poster art is regarded as some of the best in the world and for good reason. His posters are awesome! Sadly they are not as common these days since digital poster designs have […]


Božo Kos – Slovenian illustrator

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Božo Kos was one of the greatest Slovenian illustrators. All children know his works from children and youth books as well as from child magazines and posters. He was very prolific in his work and his comic strip Kavboj Pipec in Rdeča pesa – Cowboy Pipec (which means pocket knife) and Red beat, even surpasses […]


Illustrating tools

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This is one post that is very subjective because every illustrator has his own specific set of illustrating tools and procedures for their work. Maybe I can shed a little light on what I use for my work though. Paper I use plain standard printer paper because it’s cheap and of good enough quality for […]


Pros and cons of digital illustration

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Intro No other tool, besides the pencil maybe, had the same impact on the process of illustration as the computer. So it’s no surprise a lot of younger illustrators are well versed in digital illustration production. What is digital illustration Digital illustration is by definition illustration that is produced using computer software. There is a […]