Adobe Flash – Keeping things organized

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Ok… Keeping things organized in Flash is essential because if you are making a complicated animation you need to keep things easy to maintain. This is a simple example. It doesn’t contain a lot of frames or animation but to illustrate my point it should be enough. That’s me waving in the animation BTW :P. […]


Adobe Flash – Morphing objects and texts

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Creating a morphing shape in flash is fairly easy if you already know everything from my previous post. Morph from square to cyrcle Place a new shape on the stage (do not convert it in to a symbol). Now create a new empty key frame in frame 48 (2 senconds) by pressing f7. Place a […]

Separating lineart from background – Photoshop

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To color lineart in Photoshop, separating lineart from the background is essential. When I first started I used Adobe Photoshop a lot. Truth be told, I don’t use it that much anymore because most of my clients prefer illustrations to be in vector. Adobe Photoshop has some serious advantages to Adobe Illustrator though. Simply put […]